Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunshine and dry roads

This morning I had the job interview that I mentioned yesterday, which seemed to go pretty well. It had the format of a graduate school qualifying exam, with me standing at a whiteboard and four people seated around a conference table asking circuit questions that I had to work through. I think it went pretty well, though it is always hard to think when there are four people staring at you. It can make you do funny things, like try to use Laplace transforms to show that a step voltage applied across an inductor leads to a linearly increasing current (a simple time domain integration would have done the job with much less effort). I guess I'll find out in a few days whether they were sufficiently awed by my frequency domain antics to ask me back for another interview.

The interview didn't last as long as I had expected, which worked out well since it was an amazing sunny day here and that meant I could get out for a great road ride in the sun (see photo on the left, paying special attention to the blue sky). It was super fun to ride my bike again, I haven't done much riding lately since I have been mostly skiing, but as long as it is warm and dry the riding will probably be way better than the skiing, so I might as well go where the money is! When I arrived home from my ride Roanne was just completing the puzzle, and I was lucky enough to capture this exciting moment on camera.

Weight: 163.2

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