Monday, February 8, 2010

3/4 of the way!

This morning we are at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for Roanne's 6th (of 8) chemotherapy infusion. So, it is pretty exciting to be approaching the 75% done milestone! We just met with the Oncologist who said that everything was looking good, next week Roanne will have some ultrasound imaging done in advance of her meeting the surgeon on Feb. 23, it will be exciting to get the surgery scheduled (hopefully in late March after the last chemo treatment on March 8).

Yesterday Roanne and I went "back to school" shopping, since I now have a job (that I will start tomorrow, I would have started today if not for Roanne's chemo appointment). Roanne thought that I needed some new clothes so that I can look respectable. The back to school shopping was a resounding success, with trips to several Nordstrom Rack stores and lots of clothing tried on. I learned that about 95% of size Medium shirts have arms that are too short (darn this positive ape index of mine!), but pants are a little easier if you look for ones that are designed to be hemmed before wearing (the only drawback here is that these are usually the more expensive ones). After we finished the shopping marathon I got out for a bike ride around Mercer Island.

Finally, I hit another 2010 record on the weigh-in this morning, if I can keep this up I should be able to meet my goal even before my first ski race of 2010 (the Gatineau Lopppet)! Just to clarify the rules of the game, to have met my resolution I need to have a weekly average that falls at or below 160 (not just one day where I have tremendously lucky weigh-in).

Weight: 160.6

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