Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sorry I have been bad about blog posting lately (this apology is directed to Roanne, the one person who reads this)! There are two excuses that I have for this: first, I have a job now and it turns out that spending 8 hours a day working really eats into one's leisure time, and it also turns out that when faced with a choice between writing a blog posting or getting out on my bike or roller skis I will almost always choose the latter. And second, I am back in Toronto for a visit this week, so I have had to spend a bunch of time packing and traveling lately.

Anyways, here is a quick rundown of the exciting recent events in my life: on Monday I weighed in at 161.8, slowly recovering from the weekend bakery blowout. Monday was a holiday, but I actually spent the day at work because I really want to prove myself. Just kidding! It was actually because Roanne had to work (Microsoft doesn't believe in holidays) and I was taking most of this week off so I wanted to lessen the blow of working for one week at a new job and then asking for the second week off, so I worked Monday to count against the days I would be taking off later in the week. Monday night I got into the climbing gym which was good, though my elbow is still giving me problems which is a real stinker.

Tuesday I had a good weigh in (161.0) and got out for an early morning roller ski which was super fun, roller skiing is the best possible way to start off a day. It also helped that it had rained all night but then the sun came out in the morning, it is so awesome when the sun makes a rare appearance during Seattle winters! I spent Tuesday night packing for my trip back to Ontario, getting to bed pretty late and then up early the next morning to catch my flight.

Roanne dropped me off at the airport Wednesday morning and I caught my 8:00am direct flight from Seattle to Toronto where my Mom picked me up at the airport. We then drove back to Georgetown which took well over an hour due to crazy traffic on the 401. It is always mindblowing to me when I come home to Ontario to visit and see the insane traffic that people here spend hours each day sitting in. I would go nuts doing that, I can't believe that people don't move. Another crazy thing is that the 401 already has about 10 lanes in each direction (including the express and collectors lanes), and they had signs up announcing a new road project to widen the 401. Huh!?! How about building some better public transit options, making carpool or dedicated bus lanes, or regulating some of the urban sprawl that causes this problem? No, let's just make the roads wider, that should fix things! At least for another few years, until we need to make the roads wider again!

Today was a super fun day spent hanging out with my parents and visiting people. My Mom, Dad, and I hung out for the day, then in the late afternoon I visited with my Grandma in Toronto, then in the evening I met up with Dave, a good friend from highschool and undergrad. It was good to meet his girlfriend, see his new place in Toronto, and reminisce about our glory days in Waterloo. Tomorrow I will do some more visiting and then make my way up to Barrie to see Trev and start preparing for the trip to Quebec to take part in the Gatineau Loppet. It should be a good race, and most of all I am just super excited to ski on something other than Snoqualmie Slush!

(No weigh-ins while I am back in Ontario, there are no scales around and when I am on vacation I eat a lot of dessert and prefer to stay in a dream world where I am ignorant as to how heavy I am getting)

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