Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bakery Nouveau

Today was a rainy day here in Seattle, and Roanne and I took advantage of it to run some errands and eat some delicious baked goods. We had a lazy morning playing scrabble and reading, and then headed out on a Home Depot run with a detour to Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle. Several years ago this Bakery won an award for "Best Croissant in the World" at a competition in France, and they have the huge trophy on display above their showcases of delicious treats.

We ended up arriving at the Bakery just after lunch time, so we enjoyed some of their Sicilian pizza before moving on the main event, the double-baked chocolate croissants (shown at left). Mmmmm! I had a pretty lackluster weigh-in this morning and I'm sure this little trip will result in an even worse one tomorrow morning, but if its a rainy day and you find yourself at a bakery, what choice do you have?

After Bakery Nouveau we continued on to Home Depot where we purchased some materials and tools to build shelves in our new closet on the main floor where the chimney stack used to stand. It looks like more rain tomorrow, so stay tuned for another boring blog post!

Weight: 162.8

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