Sunday, February 14, 2010

Home Improvement Weekend

Today I woke up early and did the 7:30am Mercer Island group ride that leaves from our street, composed of cyclists who live in our neighbourhood. It was good to get out on a group ride since I hadn't done one in a while, and we didn't get rained on too much. When I arrived home I got to work on home improvements, with my first accomplishment being the installation of a door knob on our bathroom door. This took a long time (4 hours!) as I had to drill and chisel out the space for the lock set that we had purchased. In the end it looks good, as you can see on the left.

Last night I had finished the trim around the window in the bathroom (shown at left) so it is now nearing completion, with the only outstanding points being installation of towel racks and the poo tape holder, and painting the trim. After finishing the door knob I managed to sneak out the back door for a 1 hour roller ski in Volunteer Park which was pretty fun except it rained like crazy and I got completely soaked.

Upon returning home I was once again drafted into home improvement detail, and we began work building shelves and racks in our new hall closet. This went pretty fast with both of us working, and by 8:30pm we had a functional closet (less the door)! It is nice to now have a place for coats and shoes in the front hall.

Finally, another terrible weigh-in this morning at 163.6 (thanks Bakery Nouveau!) but due to my strong performance early in the week I still managed an average of 161.3 which is almost a pound less than last week. Bene!

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