Saturday, February 20, 2010

Off to Gatineau...

On Friday afternoon my Mom and I visited my Oma (the Dutch version of a Grandma) in Brampton before heading up to Barrie to see Trev, Jodi, and the twins. We arrived around 5pm and had a good evening hanging out and watching Mason and Brenna's antics. After the twins had gone to bed Trev and I retreated to the basement for a late night waxing session. We first waxed, scraped, and brushed using low fluoro Moly, then again waxed and scraped using low fluoro red, going off some waxing recommendations from the Toko website. We omitted the last stream of roto-corking jetstream blue since we didn't know how to roto-cork and we didn't have any jet stream blue.

We finished off around 12:30am, and then headed off to bed for a good sleep. This morning Mason and Brenna decided that everyone would be waking up just after 5am, so it was an early morning. Here is a morning shot of Jod supervising the young vagrants who have decided that they want to spend the morning sitting in their car seats.

For breakfast we had some delicious longcakes (an oblong pancake, very delicious, one is seen on the griddle in the shot below) and fruit smoothies, this should be good fuel for our skiing exploits to come. We are now loading up for the drive to Gatineau which is apparently about 5.5 hours, we are hoping to get there in time to pick up our race packets before the registration closes at 5pm. It should be a good adventure, I'll post more details after the race!

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  1. Great shots of the munchkins Maxy! Hope the race went well!!