Monday, February 1, 2010

Job Interview

It turns out that the meeting I had with a company on Thursday was just a pre-screen to see if they wanted to do a full interview, but apparently it went well because they asked me to come back for a full interview tomorrow. The company is called Synapse, and they do contract electronic/mechanical/industrial design for a number of large companies, some of the more interesting ones are Nike, Philips, and MSR (Mountain Safety Research). It seems like a great place to work, they have a great office space right downtown with an in-house half pipe and climbing wall (seriously), and indoor bicycle parking as soon as you get off the elevator on their floor. I am pretty excited at the possibility of working there, so hopefully the interview goes well.

The rest of the weekend after my big ski on Saturday was pretty quiet, Roanne and I just hung out around the house working on a puzzle, reading, and baking delicious cookies. Hopefully I don't eat all the cookies this week and bomb my weigh-ins!

Weight: 162.4

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