Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Group Run

Last night I went on a group run with the Seattle Running Company. Lately I have been trying to run once a week since I have read a lot about how beneficial it is for maintaining bone density, and I thought if I am going to force myself into going for a run I might as well do it with other people. Emily had told me about this run and was also there, so it was nice to see a familiar face and have someone to chat with during the run. It ended up being a 5.5 mile run, pretty fun, though I would say that group running is lacking some of the merits of group cycling, since people splinter into smaller groups without drafting playing such a big role. My first day at work was good also, speaking of which, I need to leave for work now so I'll have to write more about that another day! Another record weigh-in this morning, I just shattered the 160 barrier!

Weight: 159.8

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