Saturday, February 6, 2010

Celebratory Cake

In my post on Tuesday I talked about how I had a job interview at Synapse, which had gone well (at least from my perspective). I didn't hear anything back until Thursday morning, when they called and asked if I could come in for another interview at noon (I guess they were sufficiently impressed by my misguided application of Laplace transforms). This was definitely more of a personality test, and involved going out to lunch with five other people from the company, a mix of mechanical engineers, software engineers, and project managers. We went for sushi which was fun since I rarely experience it (Roanne has a general dislike of fish, so convincing her to eat raw fish is tricky business indeed). The only drawback was that I didn't get to eat much since I was talking the entire time, but it went well and they were friendly and easy to talk to.

I received another call from Synapse that afternoon, a few hours later, asking me if I could come in again the next day for another interview. So I showed up on Friday at noon (by now it seemed like I already worked there since I was going there every day), and was ushered into a conference room where I met with the CEO who was one of the founders of the company (back in 2000). He was a really nice and well spoken guy and we had a good conversation. One cool thing about him: he is married and runs a 50 person company, and he doesn't even own a car! He uses the bus and/or his longboard (skateboard) to get around, pretty awesome! He asked a lot of higher level questions like "What skills will you bring to the company that we don't already have", "What was the last book you read", "What is the worst mistake you have ever made", etc. He seemed happy with how I handled the questions, and about 5 minutes after he left the VP of Engineering came in and offered me a job! After a little back and forth on the details we arrived at a point we were both happy with, and I left with the offer in hand to think it over.

I called Roanne with the good news, and after talking about it for a while we agreed that it was a great opportunity and I decided to accept the job. They actually wanted to me to start Monday, but since I Roanne was a chemo transfusion that day I called them back to let them know I would start on Tuesday.

So, another New Years Resolution ticked off! There are a lot of great things about not having a job (riding my bike all day, skiing all day, etc.), but there are also some not-so-great things (expectations that I will actually work on our home renovations during the day, having a one-way back account, etc.), and since this sounds like such a great company to work for I am actually really excited to start. Since my "No dessert" new years resolution has a Special Occasions clause, I took full advantage last night and enjoyed a large slice of chocolate fudge cake to celebrate. Delicious!

Yesterday's weight: 161.4
Today's weight: 161.8


  1. Sounds wonderful! I am hoping to hear about your answers to that last set of questions!! Congratulations, and I hope you will be very happy there!