Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic party!

GO CANADA!!! Yesterday afternoon Roanne and I drove up to Vancouver, arriving just in time to head over to the medal presentation that we had tickets for. It was held in BC Place, and after making our way through the X-ray scanners and other security measures that were reminiscent of an airport, we found our way to our seats just was the first medals were being awarded. It was pretty fun to watch the medals being handed out, even though there were no medals being awarded to Canadians. One medal was awarded to the Netherlands which was great, because I self-identify as a dutchman.

After the medals were handed out the East Canadian band "Great Big Sea" took the stage and played a few sets, and after listening to this for a while we decided to head out and see if we could catch the last period of the Canada-Slovakia semifinal Men's hockey game. We had success immediately after leaving the stadium, finding some outdoor television screens broadcasting the game outside the Alberta House. This was fun to watch, and quite suspenseful as the Slovaks came back from 3-0 to close within one goal of the Canadians by the final few minutes.

After the game concluded (with the Canadians victorious) it was pretty fun to wander the streets (most of them closed to traffic) and take part in the ensuing pandemonium. We had the pleasure of taking in some fireworks and laser shows along the way, and finally ended up in a bar where we downed a few frosty pints and drank to the success of the Canadian Olympians. Tonight we will head to the bronze medal hockey game where we will see the tenacious Slovaks challenge the wily Fins. Should be fun!

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