Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly Average

Well, the first week of my resolutions have drawn to a close, and though I didn't write an update yesterday I weighed 165.6, and this morning I was 165.8. So, my weekly average can be calculated as 165.2, which is about what I expected since I assumed to be started at 165 and needing to lose 5 lbs. So now I had better get down to business, and drop at least a pound per week. I am in a head-to-head weight loss competition with my brother Fras, so hopefully he has been eating lots of chocolate cake.

Yesterday I had a great 2.5 hour roller ski along the Burke-Gilman, I was super tired by the end of it. It felt like the bearings in my skis had slowed down by the end, but this was more likely probably just due to be being tired. Today I will either go ski up at Hyak, or go to the climbing gym. Other exciting news is that we just signed up for weekly deliveries of organic produce through New Roots Organics. Each week they deliver a box of seasonal organic produce, from local sources when possible. I think it will be fun to be surprised each week and try out some fruit and veg that we might not otherwise have sampled. Take a look in your area and see if you have something similar, there seem to be a number of these services in different cities.

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  1. Awesome idea Max! I'm going to look into it tonight...