Monday, January 11, 2010


Right now Roanne and I are at the Seattle Cancer Care alliance, where she is waiting to receiver her 4th (of 8) chemotherapy treatment. It is pretty exciting to already be at the halfway mark, and after this one the toxic cocktail changes to other drugs which apparently have fewer side effects. Here is a picture from the waiting room, with rainy Seattle in the background.

Yesterday afternoon I did a nordic ski up at Hyak which was pretty fun, though the snow conditions were not great. They have had a lot of freezing rain and it was pretty warm, so despite the grooming the track was a bit chunky. This coupled with a proliferation of snowshoers who love to walk right in the middle of the skate lane made for difficult conditions. I only skied 32 km, and my average speed was just 12.6 km/hr (as compared with 16.7 km/hr last week at Cabin Creek when I did 52 km). It did include a big climb though, from the elevation profile below you can see that the opening climb ascends 1800 feet in just 7 km.

On the weigh-in front things are looking pretty bleak, despite my best efforts I seem to be getting heavier. If this doesn't change in the next few days I will need to enact some drastic measures.

Weight: 165.8

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