Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday was an amazing day here in Seattle, with the sun making its first appearance in a few weeks. I got out for a short roller ski in the morning, then spent the afternoon running some errands and installing the toilet in our downstairs bathroom. After a few hiccups with the supply line (it has an auto shut off feature that I was inadvertently activating by turning the water on too fast) it finally came together, and we now have a working toilet on our main floor! Roanne will be very happy about this as she is not fond of making the trek up the stairs when she is laid out on the couch with no energy after her chemo treatments (I gave a few piggy back rides to the upstairs bathroom to help out with this, but the last one ended with me almost dropping her in the toilet during the dismount so we haven't had many of those lately).

We met our friends Cam and Annie for dinner at Cafe Lago which was good, though I should have ordered lasagna instead of pizza. After dinner I went to the climbing gym for about an hour, though it ended up being late and I have now realized that despite my best intentions there is no point in me being at the climbing past 10pm since I have no energy and just feel like going to sleep on the crash pads. For the last week or so the outside of one elbow has been bothering me, it feels like some tendonitis but I was not sure if it was from climbing or skiing. Having now done both activities a few times I now think it is from climbing, so I will take a week off and be diligent about icing it so that I can get back after it next week.

Weight: 163.6

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