Sunday, January 17, 2010

Summer lovin'

This winter I have spent a reasonable amount of time ruing the fact that I no longer live in Salt Lake City with world class skiing right on my doorstep. Every time I check the weather report for Snoqualmie Pass to find that it is raining (instead of snowing, as it should be), Roanne asks to check the weather in Salt Lake City and I refuse since I know it will only drive me further into depression.

However, this morning I was flipping through some photos from this summer and I found reason to cheer: the mountain biking here is stinkin' amazing!!! In August Trev came out for a visit to Vancouver, and Trev, Fras and I did a ride up in Whistler called Comfortably Numb, and oh man was it ever awesome! It was about 28 km in length, which doesn't seem that long, but it was pretty technical so it took a while to ride. However, for me it was just the perfect level of technical: lots of fun ladder bridges and steep rocky sections, but not much of the completely insane riding that can be found on many of the north shore trails. I definitely need to ride it again this summer, and keep it fresh in my mind here are a few photos from the outing. Here is one of me rocketing down one of the descents:

Here is one of Trev navigating a technical downhill section:

Here is one of me inspecting the riverbed:

Here is one of Fras gliding down some pristine singletrack:

And finally one of the three amigos with Mt. Garibaldi (maybe?) in the background:

What an awesome day! Hopefully Trev can make the trip out west again this summer and we can have some more adventures.

On the weight front, another good day this morning with the scales reading 163.4, which brings my weekly average to 164.1. This is 1.1 pounds less than the average of the previous week so the program seems to be working, verr nice!

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  1. Nice Max!!! That was an awesome ride! Let`s go for double or nothing this summer!