Friday, January 29, 2010

Hard at work

You may have noticed that I haven't posted any home improvement updates to my blog lately. That isn't to say I haven't been hard at work on them, in fact, quite the opposite. On Tuesday I installed the door in our main floor bathroom (I won't post a photo of that until I have installed the trim, for full effect), and I thought I would dedicate this posting to the progress I have made in the three days since (including the work I hope to get done today).

Since we live in an old house, nothing is quite straight and this is especially true for the floors. They slope up to the outer wall near the back, and this meant that when I installed the door I had to have a gap under one of the side jambs to make the top jamb level. This in turn meant that I would need to fill that somehow before the door trim and baseboard trim went on, and that is what I have been working on for the past few days. Here are the day-by-day progress reports:

Wednesday: I managed to cut a few small blocks of wood to the right size for fitting in the gap.
Thursday: I purchased some wood glue and glued the blocks together.
Friday: Today if all goes well I hope to glue the "block module" in place under the door jamb.

Pictured at the left is the block module partially in place under the rogue side jamb. What a productive week! Some of Roanne's congratulatory comments seem to imply that I could be accomplishing more with my time, but I think she is just secretly jealous of my productivity. And just think, I might have been able to do even more if it hadn't been sunny all week and I didn't have to fit in a 3 hour roller ski session each day!

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