Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vegetable Lasagna

Yesterday I baked a delicious roasted vegetable lasagna, as part of my new years resolution to eat less meat. It was really good, probably because it had equal parts cheese to vegetables. I also managed to squeeze in two physical activities, I went for a 1 hour roller ski in the late afternoon, then in the evening I rode my bike to Stone Gardens, climbed for an hour and half, and then rode back. After the climbing session I drank some chocolate milk which is an amazing recovery drink, I felt like a rocket on the bike ride home. I also had a good weigh-in this morning, back in the 164 range. I think I am going to head out for a nordic ski at Cabin Creek right now... ah, the joys of unemployment, maybe I should scratch life resolution #5!

Weight: 164.4
Body Fat: 6.0%

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