Saturday, January 16, 2010


This morning while having breakfast I was checking some blogs for ski conditions in Snoqualmie Pass, and one of them happened to have a link to a ski video on youtube. I watched it, and afterward was super motivated to ski, and had an amazing time out at Cabin Creek, clocking in 48 km despite some wet, warm, and slow conditions. I think from now on I will watch a short ski video before every time I go skiing, it was really inspiring. Anyone else out there who skis should try it out also, and to make it easier for you I have linked to a short video below. I think it is also instructive to watch elite skiers to see what technique they use in different terrain, one big thing that I got from the video was that your turnover rate while doing offset should be really high, and your hands should be spread fairly wide when you plant your poles. Anyways, watch this video and then go skiing!

Weight: 164.4

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