Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Race planning II

After unveiling the first part of my winter racing schedule last week with the announcement of my plans to participate in the Gatineau Loppet on Feb. 21, I think it is time to announce the next part of my racing program: on March 13 I will be racing in the Wasatch Powder Keg, a backcountry ski race in Salt Lake City. I will do the race with my friend Mike who I worked with at the University of Utah, also an avid skier/climber/cyclist. Those of you who have skied with me might be thinking: "What is this muppet doing entering a backcountry ski race, he can barely ski!". To that, I say "Touche". It is true that I am severely lacking in the downhill skiing skills department, but I am hoping that my uphill fitness and patented "survival skiing" downhill style will allow me to reach the finish line in one piece. The race is 14.4 km long, with 5 climbs totaling 5000 feet in elevation gain. At the very least it will be a great day out in the mountains, so I am really excited.

Other news (from the "Things that actually matter" department) is that Roanne had her 5th chemotherapy infusion this past Monday, and is doing really well. The first 4 injections were a mix of two drugs (Adriamycin and Cytoxan) that apparently have more side effects than the drug used for the last 4 injections (Taxol). So this past week was Roanne's first Taxol injection and so far she is feeling far better than she was after the A/C injections. That is to say she is now getting up at 5am to head into work, rather than the 6am rising time she has had in prior weeks. Roanne is pretty amazing/crazy, even while undergoing chemotherapy she clocks more hours of work than I ever will (in the event that I do at some point in the future have the misfortune of finding gainful employment). The only time off she has taken during this whole ordeal has been one day when she first heard the news, and every other Monday since chemotherapy started since the infusion and accompanying doctors appointments take the better part of the day.

Anyways, back to stuff that has no real-world significance: this morning I had another record setting weigh-in, Huzzah!

Weight: 161.4
Body Fat: 5.0%

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