Thursday, January 7, 2010

That's why we're tougher than them boys

Yesterday I went skate skiing at Cabin Creek in Snoqualmie Pass. It was pretty icy due to freeze thaw cycles, which made the skiing much more difficult than on previous outings (and reminded me that I am still a pretty bad skier). I had planned on doing 50km to try and build fitness for some longer ski races that I plan on doing later in the year, but after a few km I found myself lamenting the bad conditions, considering going home early, and reminiscing of the perfect dry snow back in Salt Lake City. After a few minutes of this I suddenly thought of a quote from Steve Peat in the mountain bike movie Seasons: Peat is being interviewed in his home country of Great Britain during the winter, as he gets ready to head out on a muddy training ride in the pouring rain. The interviewer notes the terrible conditions, and asks him if he feels as a disadvantage to riders who do their winter training in places like Spain with more favourable conditions. Peatie just laughs, shrugs his shoulders, and says "No, because that's why we're a lot tougher than those boys!". So, inspired by Peatie, I sucked it up and clocked in my 51.7km (as measured by my GPS) which involved about 5 repeats of the trails (they didn't have all the trails groomed).

Weight: 164.6
Body Fat: 6.7%

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