Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Produce delivery!

Roanne's chemo treatment went well yesterday, and when we arrived home we discovered our first weekly fruit and veg delivery. It came in a large tupperware, and the produce all looked fresh and in good shape. The most unusual thing were the Sunchokes, which we only learned about recently when we had them in a restaurant.

In keeping with my "Mostly veg" New Years resolution, I cooked up a vegetarian cous cous recipe that Roanne had found in People Magazine (that bastion of high culture). We complemented this with a salad made entirely from our produce bin, and Emily stopped by to enjoy the feast. After dinner I hit the climbing gym for a couple of hours which was fun, and then this morning I had my best weigh-in of 2010!

Weight: 163.4
Body Fat: 5.9%


  1. What's up skinny minny?! Um, is there a reason you want to be way below the average person for body fat? Crazy!

  2. Ha ha, I just want to be able to climb harder stuff and go up hills fast on my bike and skis, and I think being a lightman is the easiest way to go about that!