Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had a great day yesterday, somehow I frittered away the morning, then around 11am I headed out for my longest roller ski to date. I made it right to the end of the Burke-Gilman Trail and back for a 3 hour ski, which was really good. It also helped that it was so stinkin' nice out, sunny and really warm. I was pretty shattered when I got back from that, so I lazed around some more, watched the Versus coverage of the Tour Down Under, and then around 4 pm I finally switched into home improvement mode and started working on the bathroom. Unfortunately I had to break off around 5:30 pm to start making dinner, so not too much accomplished on that front.

The reason I had to start dinner preparations was that our favourite German (Matthias) was in town and was stopping by after he finished his work-related activities. I had lined up an ambitious menu that included seared scallops, sunchoke puree, steamed artichokes, and collared greens. I had never worked with artichokes before, they are really confusing, and collared greens were new to me also. This led to some frustration, but luckily Matthias the vegetable expert showed up partway through prep-time and took over the collared greens. Dinner ended up being really good, and it was great to hang out with Matze as well. On the left is an action shot from dinner; Roanne is in the foreground wearing her wizard cloak.

Lastly, I had a terrible weigh-in this morning, coming in at 165.6! I am supposed to be averaging 163 this week, what is going on!?! I think it might have had something to do with overdosing on chocolate milk and granola after my ski, under the pretense of it being a recovery drink. I'm all out of chocolate milk now, so maybe I will have better luck tomorrow.

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