Saturday, June 4, 2011

One bike per year

As some of you may or may not be aware, I try to live by a One Bike per Year policy. This means that I am entitled, while gainfully employed or otherwise, to obtain one new bike per year. There are exceptions to this rule, where with sufficient justification and approval from head office (Roanne) I can obtain more than one bike in a year. A case in point is last year, when I had obtained a new road frame in the spring and then was forced to also obtain a new cyclocross bike in the fall because my Bianchi Axis was damaged when I hit a car that pulled out in front of me.

From my earlier post on the St. Tropez Gran Fondo you may be aware that I had obtained a Ritchey Breakaway road frame earlier this year, so you might have thought I was done for the year. I did too, but I recently came to the realization that the 4" of travel on my Blur XC mountain bike didn't cut the mustard when things started getting too rough. I was also running a very lean stable of just 5 bikes so I decided it was time to plug that gap in my collection by obtaining a bigger and burlier mountain bike. The bike of choice in this case is a Specialized SX Trail, with 7.1" of travel front and rear. I picked it up on Saturday at Gerk's Cycle in Issaquah and headed straight to Duthie Hill where I put it through its paces and it performed admirably:

So awesome! Now I can't believe that I didn't pull the trigger on this purchase earlier, but I'll have to make up for lost time by riding all that much more this summer (once the snow melts, of course).


  1. u still need a tri bike!

  2. Right on Cam. Great motto to live by. We decided that we would never have car payments and always have sick bikes. I am about to upgrade/add a FS two niner myself... whoot whoot!

  3. Nice, I would love to get a 29er sometime, maybe next year I will swap out my Blur XC for a Tallboy. Have fun with the new bike!