Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Grinder

Today was my birthday, and while I had planned to take the day off to carry out a birthday challenge, the 4-letter W word got in the way and I was unable to do that. I still plan on doing a challenge, so this gives me more time to brainstorm something good that I can carry out over the next few days. I still ended up having a good day, as I took the afternoon off as did Roanne and we did a bicycle tour of Seattle coffee shops that culminated with dinner at a great restaurant called "How to Cook a Wolf" in Queen Anne. The main intent of the tour was to procure various coffee samples to use with the present that Roanne gave me:

Holy smokes! Is that a Mazzer Mini coffee grinder straight from Italy?? Yes it is! The Saeco Aroma coffee machine is not new (though I did receive it as a birthday present last year), but the grinder sure is! It actually dwarfs the espresso machine, so in coming years this may force my hand into an espresso machine that is larger and more imposing which will then require a larger grinder, and the cycle goes on. Best of all was the notice that came with the grinder:

I had a feeling that I was going way overboard in selecting this grinder, but it was nice to receive the above confirmation! In any case, it sure makes a mean espresso and I'll be enjoying it for years to come!

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