Sunday, June 13, 2010

The new pony

Well, well, well, sorry that I have been such a lazy blogger lately, it has been over a month since I have posted anything. Somehow my attention shifted squarely onto having fun, and I have been lax about writing about it. Here is a quick run down of the weekend adventures I have had since I last wrote

May 15/16 - Can't remember
May 22/23 - Climbing in Squamish with Fras, a little rainy but lots of fun.
May 29/30/31 - Ski to Sea race in Bellingham, I did the nordic ski leg. I didn't feel like I went super well in the race (I blame it on my wax), so added motivation to get on the roller skis in preparation for next year! We ended up 41st overall (out of 462 teams), so not a bad showing overall. Followed it up with some mtb action on Galbraith, the first time I had ridden there, awesome trails!
June 5/6 - Did my longest bike ride of the year on the Saturday (our first sunny day in a month or so) at 169km, a big loop to the northeast of Seattle with a bakery stop at Sultan (mmm!).

This weekend I again got out for a good long bike ride yesterday at 184km, headed to the south east of Seattle through Enumclaw. You might ask why I have been logging some big miles on my road steed? Well, it just so happens that I have a new pony! Here is a photo:

Oh man, it is so awesome! The fit is a fair bit better for me than on my Ridley (anyone in the market for a used Damocles?), and it feels like a stinkin' rocket! My birthday is coming up this week, so I am hopeful that I can make it out on the new ride for some sort of birthday challenge. I'll sign off right now since it is a sunny Sunday morning and there are some boulders up in Goldbar that need to be climbed this afternoon!

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