Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Warmdown at Solitude

When Mike and I left Brighton Ski Resort on Saturday after the Wasatch Powder Keg it had started snowing pretty hard, and the snow continued throughout the rest of the day. I was feeling pretty sore from the race, but since there was fresh snow coming down I knew that I had no choice but to ski the next day. I called Ondrej and he was up for another ski day, so we arranged for him to come by and pick me up at 8:30am the next morning. I set the alarm on my cell phone for 7:30am and climbed into bed at around 10:30pm.
The next morning I came to feeling pretty tired, and rolled over to check the time: 8:29am! For some reason my alarm had not gone off, and one minute later Ondrej rolled up outside the house. I rushed to get my gear together, and with the help of Laura making me some coffee and delicious PB&Js for breakfast I was able to head out the door about 10 minutes later and we were off. We decided to ski at Solitude, and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It had stopped snowing but there were some low clouds, and the canyon looked amazing with snow clinging to all of the tree branches.
There was about 8 inches of fresh snow up at Solitude, and we had a great day of skiing, spending most of our time in the bumps and the trees. Below are a couple of action shots of us that we managed to capture.

We skied right up until the lifts closed at 4pm, and then contemplated heading up the road for some night skiing at Brighton but then decided against it. It was a great conclusion to an amazing ski weekend in Salt Lake City, with the Wasatch Powder Keg bookended by two great days of resort skiing. Here is a photo of Ondrej and myself back at the car, celebrating a!

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