Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Doors

Sunday in Seattle was pretty rainy, so after getting out on the neighbourhood group ride from 7:30am-9:30am I spent the rest of the day working on house projects. My new state of employment has had some impact on my time spent riding my bike, skiing, and climbing, but it has had an even greater impact on home improvement progress, so much that an outsider might even think that all home renovations have halted entirely. This is not far from the mark, so to curry favour with the spotted newt I have now decided that if a weekend day has extraordinarily bad weather then I will spend that day working on the house.

The project du jour for Sunday was installing trim around the new doors we put in, of which there are three. This is a bit time consuming since in order to match the new trim to the original trim I have been forced to make it myself using a router (or pay a ridiculous amount of money to get it custom made). The newt helped out and we made a lot of progress, getting most of the trim up on each door except for a box section that I didn't have the right wood for yet. Shown in the photo is the interior door that we installed in the new front hall closet where the chimney stack used to be.

I am also providing a photo update of my nascent garden, all of the plants are doing pretty well with the zucchinis being the standout performers, they are growing like crazy. The bell peppers took almost a month to poke their heads above ground (maybe I planted them too deep?) but they are finally making progress so that is good. I still have to make the actual garden outside, that will be another weekend project, maybe for the middle of April after the Spearhead Traverse weekend.

Finally, tomorrow is a big day as Roanne is having her surgery! I am taking the day off work to escort her to and from the appointment and keep a watchful eye on the doctors. I actually went cycling with her surgeon last weekend as he came out for our neighbourhood group ride (which for some reason seems to have a large number of doctors on it), so that was good to get to know him better. He told me that I needed to act as his domestique and protect him during the ride, since if he were to crash then he wouldn't be able to perform Roanne's surgery. He came through unscathed, so he should be on good form for the surgery tomorrow!

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