Friday, January 6, 2012

Headlamp Mount

This past Christmas I was back home in Toronto visiting family, and was able to spend some time hanging out with my brother Trev and his family up in Barrie. Among other things, we spent some time working on the headlamp that we are designing together including sewing a head mount for it that incorporated the plastic mount that Trev designed and had fabricated. Here we are working away, with Trev doing the actual work and me pretending:

And here is Trev modeling the final product, before mounting the headlamp:

And here it is with the LED unit mounted, note how low profile it is. This headlamp is being optimized for outdoor adventures. The electronics being used to drive it are just some temporary off the shelf parts.

Blammo! Here it is in action, with the array of 3 high intensity LEDs each being driven with 700 mA and cranking out a lot of lumens:

In related news, I just got the custom PCBs back with the drive circuitry, here is one all built up and placed on the battery we will use (5000 mA LiPo single cell). Trev is working on designing a case that will house the battery and the drive electronics, which are comprised of charging circuitry (the LiPo cell can be charged through the mini USB connector on the left), two drive circuits and barrel connectors so that two of the LED units seen above can be driven at once (we like going overboard; one will have a wide angle lens and the other a narrow angle lens), mode switches for changing the brightness of the LED units, and a microcontroller to make everything work. It should be pretty awesome, get yours on pre-order now!

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