Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bike Park

Today was a rainy day here in Seattle, so I took the opportunity to fix my mountain bike and go check out the bike park under the I-5 Colonnade that is close to our house. The fixing mainly involved bleeding my brake lines, since I had the bike hung up over the winter some trapped air in the lines must have made it into a spot that it shouldn't have been, as I could pull the levers right to the bars before the pads engaged. I was a little apprehensive about bleeding them myself since I had never done anything like that before, but with the help of $15 Avid Bleed kit from eBay it went pretty smoothly and my brakes are now working like new.

After this and a few other minor tuneups I rode over to the bike park, which was interesting but a bit too stunt-oriented for me. I think it would be really good if you like hucking big jumps, drops, wall rides, skinnies, etc., but for a guy like me there wasn't that much too get excited about. It was still fun to check out, and in the afternoon I spent a bunch of time working on the garden that I am digging into our back lawn (pictures to follow in a subsequent post).

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